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JW Marriott : A Fascist, Anti-FOE Hotel, Boycott JW Marriott

Boycott JW Marriott
boycott jw Marriott

If you are a person who support Freedom of Expression, who support freedom of speech, who support truth then you must Boycott JW Marriott

Boycott JW Marriott : JW Marriott is a international hotel chain, has many hotels in many countries, In India they have hotels in Delhi, Agra, Ahmadabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mussorie, Kochi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Goa, Gurugram and many other cities

They have a hotel in Dubai, they have fired a Hindu Chef from Dubai’s Hotel for his Freedom of Expression, a Hindu Chef Atul Kochhar who in a tweet said , “Hindus have been terrorized by Islam for centuries”

After his tweet, Islamic and Liberal lobby ganged against him and they complaint to JW Marriott hotel after that JW Marriott terminated Atul Kochhar.

Atul Kochhar used his FOE to say the truth, Its a Fact, Hindus have been terrorized by Islam for centuries, there are documented evidences which nobody can deny.

Although Atul Kochhar apologized for his views but this hotel has terminated him to make Islamic and Liberal Lobby Happy

JW Marriott has shown that they are Fascist, Anti Freedom Of Speech

To Support FOE and stand with Atul Kochhar, everyone must Boycott JW Marriott

At least All Indians should boycott JW Marriott hotels for bowing down to fascist & being anti free speech. We must stand by Atul Kochhar and Truth, JW Marriott is not just Anti FOE but also Pro Terrorism

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